Amory Hélène (Researcher, Vice Dean for Education, Ordinary Professor) Antoine - Moussiaux Nicolas (Researcher, First Assistant) Antoine Nadine (Researcher, Professor) Art Tatiana (Researcher, Ordinary Professor, Secretary of the thematic area) Balligand Marc (Researcher, Ordinary Professor) Billen Frédéric (Researcher, First Assistant) Bolen Géraldine (Researcher, First Assistant) Bossaert Philippe (Researcher, Lecturer) Busoni Valeria (Researcher, Lecturer) Cabaraux Jean-François (Researcher, Lecturer) Cassart Dominique (Researcher, Head of Studies) Claeys Stéphanie (Researcher, First Assistant) Clercx Cécile (Researcher, Ordinary Professor, Vice President of the thematic area) Clinquart Antoine (Researcher, Ordinary Professor, Vice-President of the thematic area) Daube Georges (Researcher, Ordinary Professor, Dean) Delcenserie Véronique (Researcher, Lecturer, Secretary of the thematic area) Delguste Catherine (Researcher, First Assistant) Desmecht Daniel (Researcher, Ordinary Professor) Detilleux Johann (Researcher, Ordinary Professor, Secretary of the thematic area) Dewals Benjamin (Researcher) Diez Marianne (Researcher, Lecturer) Dufrasne Isabelle (Researcher, First Assistant) Ectors Fabien (Researcher, Logistician) Farnir Frédéric (Researcher, Professor, President of the thematic area) Gabriel Annick (Researcher, Lecturer) Garigliany Mutien (Researcher, Lecturer, Vice President of the thematic area) Gillet Laurent (Researcher, Vice Dean for research, President of the thematic area, Lecturer) Grobet Luc (Researcher, Professor) Grulke Sigrid (Researcher, First Assistant) Gustin Pascal (Researcher, Ordinary Professor) Guyot Hugues (Researcher, Lecturer) Hamaide Annick (Researcher, Lecturer) Hornick Jean-Luc (Researcher, Professor) Jauniaux Thierry (Researcher, Head of Studies) Korsak Koulagenko Nicolas (Researcher, Head of Studies) Laitat Martine (Researcher, Head of Studies) Linden Annick (Researcher, Professor) Mainil Jacques (Researcher, Ordinary Professor) Marlier Didier (Researcher, Lecturer) Mignon Bernard (Researcher, Lecturer) Peeters Dominique (Researcher, Professor) Ponthier Jérôme (Researcher, First Assistant) Rollin Frédéric (Researcher, Professor) Saegerman Claude (Researcher, Professor) Sandersen Charlotte (Researcher, Lecturer) Scippo Marie-Louise (Researcher, Professor) Serteyn Didier (Researcher, Ordinary Professor) Thiry Etienne (Researcher, Ordinary Professor) Touati Kamal (Researcher, Head of Studies) Vandenheede Marc (Researcher, Lecturer) Vanderplasschen Alain (Researcher, Ordinary Professor) Votion Dominique (Researcher, Logistician, President of the thematic area)