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In my PhD research, we have confirmed the high incidence of ovulation disorders in the high-yielding dairy cow. Focus was placed on insulin as a key mediator molecule between metabolic state and resumption of ovarian cyclicity. We found that the glucose-induced insulin release by high-yielding dairy cows is highly dependent on the lactation stage. Furthermore, breed-specific differences were found in the insulin-dependent glucose metabolism between Holstein-Friesian, East-Flemish and Belgian Whithe Blue calves. Additionally, the presence of insulin receptors in bovine granulosa cells collected from slaughterhouse material as well as by Ovum Pick Up was demonstrated. Altogether, our research confirmed insulin as a key molecule in the conflict between milk yield prioritization and fertility in dairy cattle.

Larvae of hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) are waste consumers who can serve as a novel protein and lipid source in poultry, pig and aquaculture systems. Insects are a natural part of the diet of these animals and might contribute to a lower ecological footprint, but the use of insects is currently limited by legislation hurdles and a lack of scaling of the sector.

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Ruminant obstetrics

Herd fertility problems in ruminants

Biotechnology (insemination, ovum pick up, in vitro maturation and fertilization)

Insect rearing

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Most representative publications

  • BOSSAERT P., et al. Differences in the glucose-induced insulin response and the peripheral insulin responsiveness between neonatal calves of the Belgian-Blue, Holstein-Friesian and East-Flemish breeds. Journal of Dairy Science. 2009, vol 92 
  • BOSSAERT P., et al. Immunohistochemical visualization of insulin receptors in formalin-fixed bovine ovaries post mortem and in granulosa cells collected in vivo. Theriogenology. 2010, Jun, 73 (9):1210-1219
  • BOSSAERT P., et al. Interrelations Between Glucose-Induced Insulin Response, Metabolic Indicators, and Time of First Ovulation in High-Yielding Dairy Cows. J Dairy Sci. 2008 Sept, 91 (9):3363-71

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