Cabaraux Jean-François

Researcher, Lecturer
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Research subjects

During 8 years, Jean-François worked in animal nutrition in the team of Professor ISTASSE and Professor HORNICK. His thesis focused on different strategies in finishing cull cows. His research also focused on different types of dietary supplementation to improve herd health and nutritional quality of beef. Also in the same department, since 8 years, Jean-François works specifically in the field of veterinary ecology in the team of Professor NICKS. Their works focus on the environmental impacts of pig housing. Furthermore, Jean-François Cabaraux is copromoter of a PRD (2013-2018) "Increasing the productivity of goat farms in northern Morocco by improving the management of nutrition, reproduction and health" (promoter: Professor KIRSCHVINK, UNamur) and promoter with Professor HORNICK of a second PRD (2015-2020) "Support for improving the productivity of urban suburban and Senegalese sheep farms" funded by ARES-CCD. His involvement in these two projects focuses on the aspects of “environment” and “animal nutrition”.

Academic distinctions

H.Wilhelm Schaumann Stiftung scholarship, 52nd EAAP meeting, Budapest,Hungary, 26 - 29 August 2001, for an abstract entitled: Fattening of Belgian
Blue double muscled culled females: technical data

Most representative publications

  • Chebli Y., Chentouf M., CABARAUX J.F. Assessment and spatial characterization of pastoral resources in northern Morocco. In: Proceedings of the 1st FARAH Day, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgium. 2014, 19 October, 38
  • El Otmani S., Ayadi M., Chentouf M., CABARAUX J.F.. Characterization of olive cake production in northern Morocco. In: Proceedings of the 1st FARAH Day, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgium. 2014, 19 October, 45
  • Philippe F.X., Laitat M., Wavreille J., Nicks B., CABARAUX J.F. Effects of a high-fibre diet on ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from gestating sows and fattening pigs. Atmospheric Environment. 2015, 109, 197-204
  • Philippe F.X., Laitat M., Wavreille J., Bartiaux-Thill N., Nicks B., CABARAUX J.F. Ammonia and greenhouse gas emission from group-housed gestating sows depends on floor type. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 2011, 140, 498–505
  • CABARAUX J.F., Dotreppe O., Dufrasne I., Clinquart A., Istasse L., Hornick J.L. Effect of reducing energy supply during the finishing of Belgian Blue double-muscled cull cows. Animal Science. 2004, 79, 469-482

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CHEBLI Youssef