Grulke Sigrid

Researcher, First Assistant
Researcher publications



Research areas

Clinical research in equine surgery (surgical colic, techniques of surgical hygiene).
Research in neutrophil activation and the degranulation products in case of acute abdominal disease and laminitis, implication of neutrophil elastase in adhesion formation. 
Study of pancreatic lesions and pancreatic enzymes in case of endotoxic and septic shock and SIRS.
Research realized in collaboration with the multidisciplinary centre of CORD (Centre of Oxygen, Research and Developpement)

Equipment / technologies

Operating room for equine

Laparoscopy equipment

Machine for electrochimiotherapy

Academic distinctions

Intern of clinic 1993-1994

Bourse de perfectionnement - Chirurgie grands animaux

Most representative publications

GRULKE S., et al. Equine trypsin: purification and development of a radio-immunoassay. Veterinary Research. 2003. 34, 3, 317-330. 

GRULKE S., et al. Plasma trypsin level in horses suffering from acute intestinal obstruction. Veterinary Journal. 2002. 163 (3), 283-291.

GRULKE S., et al. Pancreatic injury in equine acute abdomen evaluated by plasma trypsin activity and histopathology of pancreatic tissue. Veterinary Pathology. 2003. 40 (1), 8-13.

GRULKE S., et al. Myeloperoxidase Assay in Plasma and Peritoneal Fluid of Horses with Gastrointestinal Disease. Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research = Revue Canadienne de Recherche Vétérinaire. 2008. 72(1), 37-42.

de la Rebière de Pouyade G., GRULKE S., Detilleux J., Salciccia A., Verwilghen D., Caudron I., Gangl M., & Serteyn D. Evaluation of low-molecular-weight heparin for the prevention of equine laminitis after colic surgery. Journal of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care. 2009. 19 (1), 113-119.


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