Touati Kamal

Researcher, Head of Studies
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Research areas

Scientific investigation to elaborate superovulation treatments using the porcine hypohysiary extracts in cattle. Research on section and micromanipulation of bovine embryos.Research on freezing and vitrification of bovine embryos and semi-embryos. Research on maturation, in vitro fertilization and cloning of bovine embryos. Collaborative work with the Genetic Unit of the Veterinary Faculty in a research program financed by Region Wallonne to elaborate a technic for bovine embryos sexage. Research on congenital articular rigidity and spastic paresis of femoral quadriceps muscle in Belgian Blue calves. Researsh on pain in bovine. Collaborative work with the Physiology Reproduction Unit of the Veterinary Faculty in a research program financed by Region Wallonne.

Equipment / technologies

Clinical research

Most representative publications

  • TOUATI K., et al. Effet d'une préstimulation ovarienne en début de cycle sur la réponse au traitement de superovulation chez la vache. Ann.Méd.Vét. 1989, 133:609-612 
  • TOUATI K., et al. Congélation de demi-embryons par la méthode au glycerol-sucrose et transfert : premiers résultats. Ann.Méd.Vét. 1991, 135: 287-289
  • TOUATI K., et al. La parésie spastique du quadriceps fémoral: une nouvelle entité clinique chez le da race Blanc Bleu Belge. Ann. Méd. Vét. 2003, 147, 261-265 
  • Ectors F.J., Delval A., Smith L.C., TOUATI K., Remy B., Beckers J.F. and Ectors F. Viability of cloned bovine embryos afterone or two cycles of nuclear transfer. Theriogenolog. 1995, 44: 925-933 
  • Alvarez-Oxiley A.V., Sousa N.M., Hornick J.L., TOUATI K., Van der Weijden G.C., Taverne M.A.M., Szenci O., Sulon J., Debliquy P; and Beckers J.F. Radioimmunoassay of bovine placental lactogen using recombinant and native preparations: determination of fetal concentrations across gestation. Reproduction,  Fertility and Development. 2007, 19, 877-885 

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