Vandenheede Marc

Researcher, Lecturer
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Research areas

Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Animal Welfare Science, Animal Ethics. Cattle comfort conditions: effect of housing on resting behaviour, of calving on welfare in Belgian Blue, of climatic factors on sheltering in pasture (collaboration with the "Station de Haute Belgique" in Libramont). Behavioural fear reactions in sheep (collaboration with I.N.R.A. of Tours, France). The stress of horses (and of their riders): behavioural and physiological assessment (collaboration with the "Ecole Provinciale d'Elevage et d'Equitation in Gesves, I.N.R.A. of Tours and the "Station expérimentale des haras" of Chamberet, France). Pig comfort conditions: behaviour on deep litter, feeding preference of weaned piglets, welfare of sows in groups (collaboration with the "Centre de Recherches Agronomiques" in Gembloux and I.N.R.A. of St Gilles, France). Stereotypies of captive wild felids (collaboration with the Barcelona Zoo, Spain). Stress, housing conditions and hospitalisation of dogs, cats and horses. Effect of dog assisted activities on welfare of mentally handicapped children (collaboration with the team "Os'mose"). Stress and nutrition in peccaries (Pecari tajacu) (collaboration with the State University of Santa Cruz, Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil). Pig welfare in different production systems in some provinces in North Vietnam (collaboration with The Agronomic University of Hanoï, Vietnam).

Equipment / technologies

Video recording system (cameras, recorders)

Behaviour encoding and analysis software

Academic distinction

Award from the "Prince Laurent Foundation for domestic and wild animal welfare" (1997)

Most representative publications

  • Nicks B., VANDENHEEDE M. Animal health and welfare: equivalent or complementary? Revue scientifique et technique - Office international des épizooties. 2014, 33 (1), 91-96
  • Peeters M., Closson C., Beckers J-F., VANDENHEEDE M. Rider and horse salivary cortisol levels during competition and impact on performance. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 2013, 33 (3), 155-160
  • Remience V., Wavreille J., Canart B.,  Meunier-Salaün M. C., Prunier A., Bartiaux-Thill N., Nicks B., VANDENHEEDE M. Effects of space allowance on the welfare of dry sows kept in dynamic groups and fed with an electronic sow feeder. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 2008, 112 (3-4), 284-296
  • VANDENHEEDE M., et al. Mother-Young Relationships in Belgian Blue Cattle after a Caesarean Section: Characterisation and Effects of Parity.  Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 2001, 72 (3), 281-292
  • VANDENHEEDE M., et al. Effects of an enriched environment on  subsequent fear reactions of lambs and ewes. Developmental Psychobiology. 1998, 33 (1), 33-45

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PhD student

THI PHUONG GIANG (Université de Hanoï, Vietnam)