Rollin Frédéric

Researcher, Professor
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Research areas

Respiratory and cardiovascular physiopathology in cattle. Oral and parenteral fluidotherapy in large animals. Bovine neonatalogy including hereditary congenital defects. Production diseases of dairy cows. Cattle nutrition, in particular trace elements deficiencies and  bioethanol byproducts. Herd health and management in cattle.

Most representative publications

  • ROLLIN F., et al. Multiple-breath washout and washin experiments in steers.  J. Appl. Physiol. 1996, 81, 957-963
  • ROLLIN F., et al. Ventilatory effects of the single-breath CO2 test, compared with eructation, in cattle.  Am. J. Vet. Res. 1997, 58, 310-316
  • Danlois F., Zaltash S., Johansson J., Robertson B., Haagsman H.P., van Eijk M., Beers M., ROLLIN F., Ruysschaert J-M., Vandenbussche G. Very low surfactant protein C contents in newborn Belgian White and Blue calves with respiratory distress syndrome.  Biochem. J. 2000, 351, 779-787 
  • Charlier C., Coppieters W., ROLLIN F., Desmecht D., Agerholm J.S., Cambisano N., Carta E., Dardano S., Dive M., Fasquelle C., Frennet J.-C., Hanset R., Hubin X., Jorgensen C., Karim L., Kent M., Harvey K., Pearce B.R., Simon P., Tama N., Nie H., Vandeputte S., Lien S., Longeri M., Fredholm M., Harvey R.J., Georges M. Highly effective SNP-based association mapping and management of recessive defects in livestock.  Nat. Genet. 2008, 40, 449-454
  • Guyot H., Saegerman C., Lebreton P., Sandersen C., ROLLIN F. Epidemiology of trace elements deficiencies in Belgian beef and dairy cattle herds.  J. Trace Elem. Med. Biol. 2009, 23, 116-123

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Vandeputte Sébastien