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After graduating from the University, she worked as a researcher in the unit of Nutrition. She was interested in fattening bulls in pilot farms that she followed up regarding feeding and zootechnical performances.  She has been involved in the management of the Experimental farm of the University of Liège.  While performing several researches, she wrote her thesis.  Its subject was the valorisation on a long-term basis of grasslands for beef and dairy cattle with emphasis on grazing management and complementation of grazing animals.  With respect to the main agricultural issues, she studies the valorisation of manure, the nitrogen and phosphorus balances of grasslands and the fate of nitrogen compounds at the experimental farm, in collaboration with other research departments in order to report to the Walloon Ministry of the Agriculture.  Moreover, she conducted searches about trace elements complementation through nitrogen fertilisation in collaboration with a commercial company.  The current topics of her researches are feeding management during key period of dairy cow production life, methods of combining grazing and automatic milking systems and methane emissions of dairy cows.

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