Guyot Hugues

Researcher, Lecturer
Researcher publications


Research areas

Diagnosis and correction of trace elements deficiencies in cattle. « side-cow » diagnosis tests. Metabolic profiles of dairy cattle (energy metabolism and insulin in cows and calves). Animal welfare markers (cattle).

Equipment / technologies

Field medical imagery (ultrasonography)

Blood gas & ions analyzer

Other field blood analyzers

Basic optic microscopy

Basic bacteriology

Cell counter (DCC DeLaval)

Milk analyzer (Ekomilk)

Measure of pressures in milk equipment (PT-V)

Academic distinctions

Espinasse Award (SFB) (2009)

AQWBJ Award (1st position), Brussels/Québec ( 2002, 2004)

Huynen Fundation Grant (2006)


Most representative publications

  • GUYOT H. et al. Effect of a combined iodine and selenium supplementation on I and Se status of cows and their calves. J. Tr. El. Med. Biol. 2011, 25, 118-124
  • GUYOT H. et al. Epidemiology of trace elements deficiencies in Belgian beef and dairy cattle herds. J. Tr. El. Med. Biol. 2009, 23, 116-123
  • GUYOT H. et al. Chapter 6: Clinical aspects of Bluetongue in ruminants. In: Saegerman C., Reviriego-Gordejo F.,  Pastoret P-P. Bluetongue in Northern Europe. World Organization for Animal Health (Ed.), Paris, France. 2008, 34-52
  • GUYOT H. et al. Development & validation of a radioimmunoassay for thyrotropin in cattle. J.Vet.Diagn.Inves. 2007, 19, 643-51
  • GUYOT H. et al. Comparative response to sodium selenite and organic selenium supplements in Belgian Blue cows and calves. Livest. Sci. 2007, 111, 259-263

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