Clinquart Antoine

Researcher, Ordinary Professor, Vice-President of the thematic area
Researcher publications


Research areas

Food conservability. Optimalisation of shelf life of meat and meat products by understanding and managing mechanisms responsible of their degradation. Influence of production factors on meat quality and compositon : fat supplementation (cattle, pig), antioxidants (cattle, pig), genetic stress sensitivity/resistance (pig), compensatory growth (cattle). Validation of analytical tools for evaluating meat quality. Carcass quality evaluation (cattle, pig). Influence of double-muscling on meat production and quality in bovine Belgian Blue cattle.

Equipment / technologies

Physical and chemo-physical analysis of food:  Aw, colour, texture, main constituents, functional properties, oxidative stability of lipids and nutritional value 

Organoleptic and technological quality of meat and meat products 

Food conservation: conditioning under a modified atmosphere 

Experimental food transformation unit: challenge test, process simulation and validation of the shelf life of foods

 Most representative publications

  • CLINQUART A., et al. Effects on animal performance and fat composition of two fat concentrates in diets for growing fattening bulls. Anim. Prod. 1991, 53 : 315-320
  • CLINQUART A., et al. Plasma hormones and metabolites in cattle in relation to breed (Belgian Blue vs Holstein) and conformation (double muscled vs dual purpose type). Vet. Res. Commun. 1995, 19 : 185-194
  • CLINQUART A., et al. Influence du caractère culard sur la production et la qualité de la viande des bovins Blanc Bleu Belge. INRA Prod. Anim., 1998, 11, 285-297
  • Leroy B., Lambotte S., Dotreppe O., Lecocq H., Istasse L. et CLINQUART A. Prediction of technological and organoleptic properties of beef Longissimus thoracis from near-infrared reflectance and transmission spectra. Meat Sci. 2003, 66 : 45-54
  • Leroy B., Gregory E., China B., Korsak N., Daube G. et CLINQUART A. Étude de la variabilité de la qualité de la viande de porc par analyse en composantes principales. Sci. Aliments, 2008, 28, 451-468

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PhD students

Mith H.  PhD sept. 2014

Imazaki P.H. en cours

Postdocs or other

Lebrun S.

Leroy B.