Farnir Frédéric

Researcher, Professor, President of the thematic area
Researcher publications


Research areas

Genomics: polymorphisms identification, QTL mapping, complex traits loci mapping, interaction models.

Biostatistics: modeling and analysis  of experimental and clinical designs.

Genetics: marker assisted selection, genomic selection.

Animal breeding: mainly in hot climate countries.

Equipment / technologies

Computational cluster NIC3 (1024 nodes) and NIC4 (2048 nodes), located in university computing centre. Connection to the CECI (Belgian consortium for massive computing resources – FRS-FNRS – Grant 2.5020.11)

Most representative publications

  • FARNIR F., et al. Extensive Genome-Wide Linkage Disequilibrium in Cattle. Genome Research. 2000, 10, 2, 220-227 http://hdl.handle.net/2268/8736
  • Grisart B., Coppieters W., FARNIR F. et al. Positional candidate cloning of a QTL in dairy cattle: Identification of a missense mutation in the bovine DGAT1 gene with major effect on milk yield and composition. Genome Research. 2002, 12(2), 222-231 http://hdl.handle.net/2268/102074
  • Druet T., FARNIR F. Use of ancestral haplotypes in Genome Wide Association Studies. Methods in Mol. Biol. 2013, vol 1019, 347-380 http://hdl.handle.net/2268/126541
  • FARNIR F., et al. Simultaneous mining of linkage and linkage disequilibrium to fine map quantitative trait loci in outbred half-sib pedigrees: Revisiting the location of a quantitative trait locus with major effect on milk production on bovine chromosome 14. Genetics. 2002, 161, 1, 275-287 http://hdl.handle.net/2268/101932
  • Grisart, FARNIR F. et al. Genetic and functional confirmation of the causality of the DGAT1 K232A quantitative trait nucleotide in affecting milk yield and composition. PNAS. 2004, 101,8,2398-2403 http://hdl.handle.net/2268/101941

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PhD students

Van Duy Nguyen

Abo Al Chamlat Sinan

Postdoc or other

Moyse Evelyne