Ectors Fabien

Researcher, Logistician
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Research subjects

In vitro maturation and fertilization of bovine oocytes collected from slaughterhouse ovaries. In vitro development of embryos (human, murine, bovine & porcine species). Cloning by nuclear transfer in the bovine species (Thesis, ULB 1995). Studies about oocyte competency (human & bovine species). Cryopreservation of gametes and embryos (human, murine & bovine species) and stem cells (SCs; human & murine species) by aseptic vitrification. Production of transgenic mammals by pronuclear injection and embryonic stem cells injection (rodents), by somatic cell nuclear transfer (bovine species) and by ICSI-MGT Method (pig species). (ICSI-MGT: intracytoplasmic spem injection – mediated gene transfer).

Equipment / technologies

In vitro maturation, fertilization & culture of oocytes and embryos in the murine, bovine & porcine species

Production of transgenic mammals by nuclear transfer (SCNT), pronuclear and ESCs injections

Cryopreservation of cells, gametes & embryos in mammalian species by aseptic vitrification

Ressources for in vitro culture and development of mammalian cells, gametes and embryos

Complete station of micromanipulations (nuclear transfer, injection of DNA, sperm cells (ICSI & ICSI-MGT), ESCs

Academic distinction

Price from the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium: "Clonage par transfert de noyau dans l’espèce bovine", 1996

Most representative publications

  • ECTORS F., et al. Viability of cloned bovine embryos after one or two cycles of nuclear transfer and in vitro culture. Theriogenology. 1995, 44, 925-933
  • Xu X., ECTORS F., Davis EE., Pirottin D., Cheng H., Farnir F., Hadfield T., Cockett N., Charlier C., Georges M., Takeda H. Ectopic Expression of Retrotransposon-Derived PEG11/RTL1 Contributes to the Callipyge Muscular Hypertrophy. PLoS ONE. 2015 10(10), e0140594
  • ECTORS F., et al. Relationship of human follicular diameter with oocyte fertilization and development after in-vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Human Reproduction. 1997, 12, 9, 2002-2005
  • Massip L., ECTORS F., Deprez P., Maleki M., Behets C., Lengele B., Delahaut Ph., Picard J., Rezsohazy R. Expression of Hoxa2 in cells entering chondrogenesis impairs overall cartilage development. Differentiation. 2007, 75, 3, 256-67
  • Vanderzwalmen P., Connan D., Grobet L., Wirleitner B., Remy B.,Vanderzwalmen S., Zech N., ECTORS F. Lower intracellular concentration of cryoprotectants after vitrification than after slow freezing despite exposure to higher concentration of cryoprotectant solutions. Human Reproduction. 2013

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PhD student

Vanderzwalmen Pierre, Ig

Postdoc or other

Connan Delphine, MD, PhD