Gillet Laurent

Researcher, Vice Dean for research, President of the thematic area, Lecturer
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Gammaherpesviruses are very prevalent among human and animal populations. It is, therefore, essential to understand their biological cycle in order to develop therapeutic and prophylactic strategies to fight them. In the first instance, our aim is to understand how these viruses, which persist throughout their host's life, can be spread in the presence of a specific immune response. To this end, we are examining how these viruses enter the cells of an organism and how they escape recognition by the immune system. Based on this knowledge, we wish to develop strategies that would have the potential to prevent the spread of these viruses within a population. Secondly, we wish to investigate the imprint left by the gamma herpesviruses on the immune system of their hosts. In fact, the influence of past infections is not known in most animal models. However, our immune system is continuously being moulded by environment antigens and infectious agents that it finds in the gamma herpesviruses. Consequently, we wish to investigate the positive and negative effects of these infections on the immune reaction of the host towards the heterologous antigens.

Equipment / technologies 

Flow cytometry

Confocal microscope

Epifluorescence microscope

In vivo imaging (IVIS)

Academic distinctions

Award of the "Annales de Médecine Vétérinaire"

Hamoir Award of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Belgium

Award of the "Centre d'études Princesse Joséphine-Charlotte"

Award of the "Fondation Désiré Jaumain"

Most representative publications 

  • Machiels B., Dourcy M., Xiao X., Javaux J., Mesnil C., Sabatel C., Desmecht D., Lallemand F., Martinive P., Hammad H., Guilliams M., Dewals B., Vanderplasschen A., Lambrecht B. N., Bureau F., GILLET L. A gammaherpesvirus provides protection against allergic asthma by inducing the replacement of resident alveolar macrophages with regulatory monocytes. Nature Immunology.  2017 
  • Machiels B., Stevenson P.G., Vanderplasschen A., GILLET L. A gammaherpesvirus uses alternative splicing to regulate its tropism and its sensitivity to neutralization. PLoS Pathogens. 2013, 9(10), 1003753
  • Francois S., Vidick S., Sarlet M., Desmecht D., Drion P., Stevenson P. G., Vanderplasschen A., GILLET L. Illumination of murine gammaherpesvirus-68 cycle reveals a sexual transmission route from females to males in laboratory mice. PLoS Pathogens. 2013, 9(4), 1003292
  • Machiels B., Lété C., Guillaume A., Mast J., Stevenson P. G., Vanderplasschen A., GILLET L. Antibody evasion by a gammaherpesvirus O-glycan shield. PLoS Pathogens. 2011, 7(11), 1002387
  • GILLET L., et al. Antibody evasion by the N terminus of murid herpesvirus-4 glycoprotein B. EMBO Journal. 2007, 26(24), 5131-42


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PhD Students  

Du Xiang (FRIA)
Gillard Lucie
Goffin Émeline  (FRIA)
Loos Pauline (FNRS)
Maquet Céline (FNRS)


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