Thiry Etienne

Researcher, Ordinary Professor
Researcher publications


Research subjects

The research topics encompass virus-host interactions, the zoonotic risk (in the frame of one medicine –one health, including food safety), emerging viral diseases (in the frame of the global change, including vector-borne viral diseases) and viral evolution (virodiversity as an element of biodiversity).

Specific research activities:

virus-host interactions: ruminant alphaherpesviruses related to bovine herpesvirus 1.

infection with equid herpesvirus 3 and equid gammaherpesviruses; mammalian and insect infections with orbiviruses (bluetongue and African horse sickness); murine norovirus infection of mice.

viral evolution: population evolution of noroviruses; genetic recombination and reassortment in orbiviruses (bluetongue and African horse sickness);-zoonotic risk: foodborne viruses, especially noroviruses, sapoviruses, kobuviruses; hepatitis E virus infection of swine, wildboar and humans; epidemiology of Rift valley fever; risk of introduction of equine encephalitis alphaviruses.

Equipment / technologies

Fully equipped virology laboratory BSL2 and BSL3

Academic distinctions

8 July 1996: International Pfizer award by the  World Association for Buiatrics

4 December 2008: Gaston Ramon award by The French Veterinary Academy

26 August 2009: honorary member of the European Society for Veterinary Virology (ESVV)

29 October 2011: award of la francophonie by la Fédération des Associations francophones des Vétérinaires d’Animaux de Compagnie (FAFVAC)

Most representative publications

  • Schynts F., Meurens F., Detry B., Vanderplasschen A., THIRY E. Rise and survival of bovine herpesvirus 1 recombinants after primary infection and reactivation from latency. J. Virol. 2003, 77, 12535-12542
  • Muylkens B., Farnir F., Meurens F., Schynts F., Vanderplasschen A., Georges M., THIRY E. Co-infection with two closely related alphaherpesviruses results in a highly diversified recombination mosaic displaying negative genetic interference. J. Virol. 2009, 83, 3127-3137
  • Mathijs E., Muylkens B., Mauroy A., Ziant D., Delwiche T.,THIRY E. Experimental evidence of intragenogroup recombination in murine noroviruses. J. Gen. Virol. 2010, 91, 2723-2733
  • Mauroy A., Scipioni A., Mathijs E., Ziant D., Daube G., THIRY E. Complete genome sequence of a novel bovine norovirus: evidence for slow genetic evolution in genogroup III genotype 2 noroviruses. J. Virol. 2012, 86, 12449-12550
  • De la Grandière A., Dal Pozzo F., Tignon M.,  Zonta W., Thiry D., Mauroy A., Caij A.B., Saegerman C., THIRY E. Study of the virulence of serotypes 4 and 9 of African horse sickness virus in IFNAR -/-, Balb/C and 129 Sv/Ev mice. Vet. Microbiol. 2014, 174, 322-332

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PhD students

de la Grandière Ana-Maria

Zonta William

Sumaye Robert

Ludwig Louisa


PhD student had the honour 18/03/17

Zonta William

Postdoc or other

Mauroy Axel