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Lesions on the suspensory ligament of the fetlock joint are often the cause of horses limping. These lesions can bring about major changes in the collagen fibre composition of the conjunctive tissue of the tendon. Using a biochemical approach to profiling the collagen fibrils, reinforced by ultrastructural studies, current studies have been able to show that the Type 1 collagen fibrils were replaced by Type III and V collagen fibrils in the injured ligaments. This change significantly modifies the mechanical properties of the conjunctive tissue making the ligament fragile. These results were the starting point for further research on the issue of regeneration, which could lead to the development of new therapeutic strategies. Given the high incidence of meniscal lesions in horses and the clinical interest in mechanoreceptors in this type of injury, one of the aims of our research was to study these corpuscles using an immunohistochemical approach on cryosections.   Our work allowed us to profile three types of mechanoreceptors in the posterior horn of the medial meniscus: Ruffini, Pacini and Golgi corpuscles. These MCRs may be isolated or in groups close to the blood vessels. This morphological approach will serve as a base for further clinical studies on the potential impact of these MCRs on the bad sporting prognosis that follow meniscal tears.

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Transmission electron microscope with a camera



Dotlslide Scan System: Scanner with histologic slides for archiving and exchange of digital slides

Academic distinctions

Janvier 1995 : The Sports Association against Cancer awarded his project entitled: "Inhibition of angiogenesis, a new promising anti-cancer therapy"

Septembre 1999 :   Poster award :  International Symposium : « Characterization and  Diagnosis of Prion Diseases in Animals and Man » Tübingen. "Analysis of PrP expression on human and murine FDC. Thielen C., Tsunoda  R., Mélot F., Jackers M., Cesbron J.-Y., Heinen E and Antoine N.

Août 2006 :  Poster award  of the European Society of Veterinary Pathology, Edinburgh.“ Morphological alterations in oxidative muscles associated with equine atypical  myopathy.” Cassart D., Baise E., Cherel Y., Delguste C., Antoine N., Coignoul F., Desmecht D.

Most representative publications

  • Nemery E., Gabriel A., Piret J., ANTOINE N. Nociceptive and sympathetic innervations in the abaxial part of the cranial horn of the equine medial meniscus. Accepted in Journal of Anatomy in June 2016
  • ANTOINE N., et al. Stimulation of human B-lymphocyte proliferation by AGM-1470, a potent inhibitor of angiogenesis. Journal of National Cancer Institute. 1995, 87 : 136-139
  • ANTOINE N.,et al. In vitro and in vivo stimulation of the murine immune system by AGM-1470, a potent angiogenesis inhibitor. American Journal of Pathology. 1996, 148 :1-6
  • Dorban G., Defaweux V., Levavasseur E., Demonceau C., Thellin O.,Flandroy S., Piret J., Falisse N.,Heinen E., ANTOINE N. Oral scrapie infection modifies the homeostasis of Peyer's patches dendritic cells. Histochem. Cell Biol. 2007, 128:243-251
  • Chalastanis A., Penard-Lacronique V., Svrcek M., Defaweux V., ANTOINE N., Buhard O.,Dumont S., Fabiani B., Renault I., Tubacher E., Fléjou JF., te Riele H., Duval A., Muleris M.  MSH2 gene dosage mediates azathioprine-induced carcinogenesis in mice. J.N.C I. 2010, 102, 22: 1-10
  • Toppets, V., Piret J., Gabriel A., Grobet L., Simoens P., van den Broeck W., Cornillie P., ANTOINE N. Three-dimensional reconstruction of the pharyngeal tonsil innervation pattern in sheep.Journal of Neuroimmunology. 2013, 262: 79-84

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