Serteyn Didier

Researcher, Ordinary Professor
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Research areas

Surgery and orthopedic. Oxidative stress: neutrophile activation and mitochondiral dysfunction. Mitochondria and stem cells differenciation. Regenerative medicine and cell therapy. Developmental orthopedic disease.

Equipment / technologies


Cell culture laboratory

High resolution oxygraphy

Electronic resonance paramagnetic


Equine research Center (Mont-le-Soie)

Equine gait analysis lab

Cyrobiological facilities

Academic distinctions

Method and kit for the measurement of neutrophil cell activation WO 2005075986 A2
Water soluble curcumin compositions for use in anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory therapy


Method for the diagnosis of osteochondrosis. Application No./Patent No. 12187726.0 – 1404/2719769

Mammalian muscle derived stem cells, PCT/EP2014/077415

Most representative publications

  • Votion D., Lemieux H., Mouithys-Mickalad A. et SERTEYN D. Physical fitness and mitochondrial respiratory capacity in horse skeletal muscle,  - PloS one. 2012, 7, 4, 1-12 
  • SERTEYN D., et al. Muscle Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Horses Affected by Acute Laminitis  - Bioenergetics. 2014
  • Derochette S., Mouithys-Mickalad A., Franck T., Collienne S., Ceusters J., Deby-Dupont G., Neven P. et SERTEYN D. NDS27 Combines the effect of curcumin lysinate and hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin to inhibit equine PKCδ and NADPH oxidase involved in the oxidative burst of neutrophils. FEBS Open Bio. 2014, Nov, 18, 4:1021-9
  • Ceusters J.D., Mouithys-Mickalad A.A., Franck T.J., Derochette S., Vanderplasschen A., Deby-Dupont G.P. et SERTEYN D. Effect of myeloperoxidase and anoxia/reoxygenation on mitochondrial respiratory function of cultured primary equine skeletal myoblasts. Mitochondrion. 2013, Sep, 13(5):410-6
  • SERTEYN D., et al. Gene expression profiling from leukocytes of horses affected by osteochondrosis. J Orthop Res. 2010, Jul, 28(7):965-70

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PhD students

Derochettte S.

Mendoza L.

Blommaert D.

Salciccia A.

Postdocs and other

Lejeune JP.

Ceusters J.

Franck T.

Mouythis-Mickalad A.

Caudron I.

Libertiaux V.