Sandersen Charlotte

Researcher, Professor
Researcher publications


Research areas

The oxygene cascade in the horse during anesthesia, exercise and sepsis. Opioid receptors in the horse. Neuromuscular blocking agents in refinement of anesthesia methods. Farm and laboratory animals welfare.

Equipment / technologies

Anesthesia and Monitoring equipemt for all domestic animal species

Cardiac output measurement by thermodilution, lithium dilution, echocardiography and pulse contour analysis

Heart rate variability measurement as measure of parasympathetic tone

Mechanical and electrical algometry


Microcirculation camera SDF

Academic distinctions

EP 2719769A1 Method for the diagnosis of osteochondrosis

PhD students

Kirsch Katharina

Marolf Vincent

Dana Laizane

Vanaga Jana (University of Jelgava, LT)

Sayaf Yamen


PhD student had the honour 18/03/17

Thomas Aurélie

Postdoc and other

Tutunaru Alexandru

Ida Keila


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