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For many years the research activities that were done in the Bird, Rodent and Rabbit Clinic were dedicated to infectious diseases of rabbits (myxomatosis, respiratory infection and Epizootic Rabbit Enteropathy). Thereafter they were switched to the development of specific health monitoring and zootechnical follow-up programs for waterfowl production (foie gras production) and rabbits. Nowadays researches in infectious diseases are dedicated to reptile diseases too. The clinical researches have followed the evolution of the clinical activities. In the past poultry, rabbit production and homing pigeons have been gradually replaced by new companion animal medicine such as birds – rabbits - rodents and more recently reptile medicine. Nowadays the new-companion-animals dedicated activities are from far the predominant activities. Therefore, researches on pain management and anaesthesia in rabbits have been developed.

Equipment / technologies

Cell culture


Bacteriological diiagnosis specific for birds, rabbit, rodents and reptiles

Most representative publications

  • Garigliany M.M., MARLIER D. , Tenner-Racz K., Eiden M., Cassart D., Gandar F., Beer M., Schmidt-Chanasit J., & Desmecht D. Detection of Usutu virus in a bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) and a great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major) in north-west Europe. Veterinary Journal. 2014, 199, 191-193
  • Huybens N., Houeix J., Licois D., Mainil J. et MARLIER D. Pyrosequencing of epizootic rabbit enteropathy inocula and rabbit caecal samples. Veterinary Journal.  2013, 196
  • Flament A., Soubbotina A., Mainil J. et MARLIER D. Prevalence of Salmonella serotypes in male mule ducks in Belgium. Veterinary Record : Journal of the British Veterinary Association. 2012
  • MARLIER D., et al. Infectious agents associated with epizootic rabbit enteropathy: Isolation and attempts to reproduce the syndrome. Veterinary Journal. 2006, 172(3), 493-500
  • MARLIER D., et al. Cross-Sectional Study of the Association between Pathological Conditions and Myxoma-Virus Seroprevalence in Intensive Rabbit Farms in Europe. Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 2001, 48(1), 55-64

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