Gustin Pascal

Researcher, Ordinary Professor
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Research areas

Inflammation, infectious diseases, development of animal models (asthma, COPD), air pollution, veterinary therapy, oxygen transport .... In recent years, the pharmacological osteoarthritis approach has been added to these areas as well as research in applied pedagogy.

Equipments / technologies

Respiratory function

HPLC, TLC, zymography

Cell culture

Academic distinctions

Invited professor at University JiaoTong-Shanghai

Patent : 1 ( blood oxygen transport)

Member of the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine

Associate Editor: Clinical Medical Education

Most representative publications

  • Wirth D., Christiaens E.S., Munaut C., Dessy-Doize C., Foidart J.M., GUSTIN P. Differential heat shock gene hsp70-1 response to toxicants revealed by in vivo study of lungs in transgenic mice. Cell stress and Chaperones. 2002, 7, 387-395
  • Hamoir J., Nemmar A., Halloy D., Wirth D., Vincke G., Vanderplasschen A., Nemery B., GUSTIN P. Effect of polystyrene particles on lung microvascular permeability in isolated perfused rabbit lungs : role of size and surface properties. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 2003, 190, 278-285
  • Wirth D., Bureau F., Christians E., GUSTIN P. Evidence for a link between HSF1 and NFKB pathways in lung protection mediated by the heat shock response. American. Journal of  Physiology: Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology. 2004, 287, L953-L961
  • Vandeweerd, J.M.., Vandeweerd, S., Gustin, C., Keesemaecker, G.,  Cambier, C.,  Clegg, P.,  Saegerman, C., Reda, A.,  Perrenoud, P., GUSTIN P. Understanding Veterinary Practitioners’ Decision-Making Process: Implications for Veterinary Medical Education. J Vet Med Education. 2012, 39, 142-151
  • Vandeweerd JM.,  Hontoir F., Kirschvink N., Clegg P., Nisolle J.F., Antoine N., GUSTIN P.  Prevalence of naturally occurring cartilage defects in the ovine knee. Osteoarthritis and cartilage. 2013, 21, 1125-1131

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PhD Student

Bimazubute Marcel

Postdocs and other

Zhang Wenhui

Zhao Wang

Legrand Nathalie