Diez Marianne

Researcher, Lecturer
Researcher publications


Research areas

The subject of her doctoral thesis was the study of dietary fibres on various parameters (biochemical and faecal) in healthy dogs. This field of expertise later gave rise to different research on probiotic style fibres in obese dogs, insulin resistance and lipid parameters. There was also some clinical research done in collaboration with other researchers in the Faculty as well as external researchers (familial hypercholesterolemia, effects of canine obesity on the cardio-respiratory function, effects of a BARF diet on Vitamin D intake). The main research themes are still canine obesity and prebiotics (and bovine colostrum) on canine metabolisms and also on gut flora using a metagenomic analysis tool. In 2006 research related to the influence of energy intake and hibernation on the growth of tortoises undertaken.

Academic distinction

Co-inventor of a patent lodged at the European Patents Office by  RC SA (17/01/02) and accepted on 27/08/03. Title: dry food for the control of excess weight and obesity in dogs.

Most representative publications

  • Ricci R., Jeusette I., Godeau J-M., Contiero B. et DIEZ M. Effect of short-chain fructooligosaccharide-enriched energy-restricted diet on weight loss and serum haptoglobin concentration in Beagle dogs. British Journal of Nutrition. 2011, 106, S120-S123 http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/116936
  • Nguyen P. et DIEZ M. Obesity. Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine 7th edition. 2010, 643-652  http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/37283
  •  DIEZ M., et al. Effects of different levels of energy allowances and of hibernation on growth in hatchling Testudo hermanni boettgeri (Mojsisovic, 1889). Zoo Animal Nutrition IV. 2009, 118-130 http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/56038
  • Respondek F., Swanson K., Belsito K., Vester B., Wagner A., Istasse L. et DIEZ M. Short-chain fructooligosaccharides influence insulin sensitivity and gene expression of fat tissue in obese dogs. Journal of Nutrition. 2008, 138, 1712-8 http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/8232
  • Jeusette I., Daminet S., Detilleux J., Lhoest E., Nguyen P., Istasse L. et DIEZ M. Thyroid hormones in obese dogs submitted to a weight loss protocol. Obesity reviews. 2005, 6, 47 http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/57292

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