Busoni Valeria

Researcher, Lecturer
Researcher publications


Research areas

Comparative imaging of the foot of a horse (radiology, echography, MRI, CT scan). Echography (B-mode and doppler) and elastosonography of tendons of a horse and a dog.  Echography of the abdomen  and lymph nodes of a horse.

Equipments / technologies

Echography with a doppler and elastosonography module 

Scanner Siemens Somatom Sensation 16 barrettes 

Planned future acquisition: Hallmarq’s standing  equine MRI system (0.27 Tesla)

Most representative publications

  • BUSONI V., et al. Magnetic resonance imaging findings in the equine deep digital flexor tendon and distal sesamoid bone in advanced navicular disease - an ex vivo study. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound. 2005, 46, 4, 279-86 http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/8458 
  • Evrard L., Bolen G., Maquet N. et BUSONI V. Ultrasonography of the collateral ligaments of the distal interphalangeal joint in horses: technique and reference images. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 2012, 32, 9, 584-589  http://hdl.handle.net/2268/134200 
  • Etienne A-L., Peeters D. et  BUSONI V. Ultrasonographic percutaneous anatomy of the caudal lumbar region and ultrasound-guided lumbar puncture in the dog. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound. 2010, 51, 5, 527-532 http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/59246
  • BUSONI V., et al. Ultrasonography of the Podotrochlear Apparatus in the Horse Using a Transcuneal Approach: Technique and Reference Images. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound. 2001, 42, 6, 534-40 http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/3155 
  • BUSONI V., et al. Evaluation of a protocol for fast localised abdominal sonography in horses (FLASH) admitted for colic. Veterinary Journal. 2011 http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/handle/2268/22639   

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PhD Students

Evrard Laurence

Etienne Anne-Laure

Rabba Silvia


PhD student had the honour 18/03/17

Etienne Anne-Laure